Krieg’s Buzz Axe Day Four

Today I want to add the textures to the axe and do a test render. For the handle i found a wood handle texture. The blade tips are a chrome material while the base is a brushed metal. This makes the blade actually look reflective. The top of the axe is a mix of maroon and a dark blue paint. This part took the most amount of time. just trying to get the perfect amount of reflections, color mix, etc. Then it was time to add the lighting. To give the scene light I added a area light a moved it into place. This is the render at the end of the day. I am pretty happy with the overall look of the axe. I also added a background. render.PNG

Krieg’s Buzz Axe Day Three

To start today I want to make the blade and all of the bolts that hold the axe together. to make the blade all i did was use a circular plane and double the vertexes. This meant that i really didn’t need to spend a lot of time on it. Next is bolts that hold the axe together. To start the axe I just used a cylinder and decreased the number of faces to around  5. Then all I had to do was move them into place and scale them. adding detail

The last thing to do for today was add the spike to the top bolt. All I did was make a cylinder and bring the top points together and merged them into one point. Tomorrow i want to add the textures and do a test render.

Krieg’s Buzz Axe

Today I want to try and make most of the top of the buzz axe. To start I created a square at the back of the head of the axe. Once that was in place I extruded the front faces to line up with the the reference images. Then i made the angled bits at the bottom of the head. All I did was extrude the face that bring the outside vertex closer to the inside one. After I was happy with how it looked i made the top bar. I did the same thing as i did for the bottom. The only thing i didn’t do is move the vertexes. top back

Next is the main part of the upper half of the buzz axe. To start I just extruded the end face of the upper bar. Then I added vertexes and moved them into place. This honestly was the easiest part of the whole thing. all o had to do was make the vertexes match he reference images. fin top


Krieg’s Buzz Axe Day One

The hardest part of all of the project was finding the reference images. After a lot of searching i finally found the image i was going to use. ref

the first think i wanted to model was the handle. This served as the base for the whole rest of the project.

All i did to make the handle was extrude a cylinder in the y-direction. After the height matched the reference i added a lot of vertexes to the cylinder. I then moved all the sets of vertexes into place. All i could get done today was the handle but i am pretty happy with how it looks so far. day one buzz


Kyle Day One

To start my character i took the basic face and scaled it up to be more of an oval. Next i replaces the eye whites with a different shape than the standard ones. i deleted the nose because none of the south park characters has noses. The mouth shapes will be the same as the standard presets to keep the confusion to a minimum. To make the hat all i did was use the rounded edge rectangle and the rectangle tool to give it a shadow. Then last i created an oval with the ellipse too;. This is as far as i got today.

day one.png

Kyle Day 2

Today i am going to try and add the body. To start i found a reference image of Kyle and used the pen tool to create the shapes i needed for the body. After i had the body shape i used the eye dropper to copy the color of the hoodie. Then i used the pen tool again to make the pockets and the feet.

Annotation 2019-04-05 085645.png


This is a feature that character animate has that lets you put a filter on your face. You can change how much the filter affects the picture. You can change all of the strengths of all the facial features. This is one of the easiest ways to make a character in character animate. You can also create your own filter photoshop and import it.